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Interactive Telemarketing Sales Training Programs In Hawaii

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Sales Training Hawaii

For 30+ Years We’ve Helped Telemarketing Teams Achieve Better Closing Rates & Satisfaction Ratings!

At Training For Success, your telemarketing team will learn how to ask better questions, be the leader on a call, truly listen to the prospect or client, and know how to use the info gathered. When they make a habit of being proactive and bring a consultative style to calls, clients are happier and sales improve. Regardless of the number of telemarketers in your business or what your business does, we can create a workshop perfect for your needs. You have the choice of having the training take place at your office or in another location of your choosing.

Sales Training Hawaii

All Telemarketing Training is Personalized to Your Needs and Circumstances

Telemarketing is an effective way to help your business reach markets outside of Hawaii. Telemarketing training keeps your team energized and upbeat about taking calls. When they are professionally trained, the quality of their calls get better, the customer ends up more satisfied, and turnover decreases. Our interactive style helps people rehearse how to guide a call that is specific to their business and the circumstances they face on a daily basis. This realistic approach keeps your team focused and helps them remember the information learned and is proven to improve R.O.I.

Sales Training Hawaii

Goals Of The Telemarketing Training

Each seminar teaches your team to put the customer’s needs first. They will understand what the customer needs and why they need it. This allows the telemarketing team to truly serve the client instead of just pushing an offer on them. They will start to find pride in helping their client benefit from their product, service or offer. Each call has a structured conversation but also feels unique. They treat every call and caller as an individual and everyone on the call ends up more satisfied. The clients buy more often and in larger amounts, and your telemarketers have more pride in their work.

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Sample of topics covered in many programs

A.) Interactive program kickoff

B.) Lead the call

  • Develop connection with the prospect
  • Make the prospect tell you their needs
  • Getting the prospect’s trust
  • Closing on the correct solution

C.) Develop and Understand an Outline for Each Call

  • The prospect should reveal their concerns
  • How to get the prospect to tell you those concerns
  • Move on from the objections and defensiveness

D.) Make & Utilize Important Questions

  • Know the correct questions to ask
  • Allow the prospect to respond
  • Let the prospect keep answering
  • Lead the call and consult with the prospect

E.) Guide the Prospect to Say Yes

  • Focus on the benefits the prospect finds most important
  • Keep the prospect focused and increase their desire
  • Lead the prospect into saying “yes, please”

Every workshop is tailored for each of our client’s particular needs. The workbook, PowerPoint and presentation are all made for the client’s goals and to better all of the members of the telemarketing team.

Increase business efficiency & productivity with an in-depth analysis of your business

Here at training for success, we do not deliver carbon copies of the same programs to every business. Instead, we cater our workshops to fit the specific needs of your sales team. Call us at (877) 278-4170 for a free consultation of your sales process, an analysis of what you’ve done in the past, your current situation, and how to work towards a more profitable future.