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Customer Service Training Programs on Oahu, Maui, and Big Island

Whether you’re based in Hawaii or visiting for a conference, we offer customer service training that is customized to both your team’s experience and your industry.

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Each firm has unique situations that impact the customer’s experience. Our programs teach your team to utilize the best practices in customer service and tailor each technique to real-world situations faced in your industry. Whether you are in the hospitality, real estate, medical, manufacturing or gaming industry we will customize the program to give your team practical solutions to gain 5-star ratings.

Hawaii Sales Training

An Interactive Approach to Customer Service Training. Program offered in Honolulu or location of your choice.

Our seminars energize and motivate your team with numerous exercise that are fun and practical:

  • Role-playing exercises bring each technique to life and offer a fun way to practice the material before working with actual customers.
  • Several members of your team are interviewed prior to the program. This input helps customize the program to the most practical situations that must be addressed, as well as builds staff commitment to training even before the program starts.
  • Programs can be developed for both small teams or entire departments.
  • Every technique is designed for A.N.A.W.A.R.D.®-Winning level of service.

A Sample Customer Service Seminar:
1) Half-Day Seminar – A.N. A. W.A.R.D.®- Winning customer service
2) Full-Day Seminar – Turn a compliant into a 5-star review

This seminar teaches your staff to quickly connect with the customers needs and have them feel both heard and understood. Then we quickly move them from a difficult customer to a customer that sings your praise.

The Customer service team will learn:

  • How to establish rapport and connection in each customer service interaction
  • How to make a positive first impression that sets the foundation for solutions
  • Understanding your customer’s specific needs and point of view
  • The number one way to get customers to move off the complaint and onto resolution
  • Why difficult customers won’t “let go” of an issue and seven ways to get them “unstuck”
  • How to gain more reviews and higher star rating
  • Seven practical ways to get the customer smiling and keep them smiling
  • And much more. Call for Details

THE FULL DAY SEMINAR: Turn a Complaint into a Five Star Review

This seminar has your customer service team take the extra steps that go beyond just offering excellent service. It gets them to understand the importance of reviews and how to take actions that have the customers leaving reviews that set you above the competition. They will learn all the techniques included in the half-day program as well as additional tools to maximize satisfaction ratings in every client interaction. Whether you are in the hospitality industry, medical field, manufacturing, telemarketing or gaming industry each customer service solution will be tailored to you in this interactive one-day seminar.

Each Member of Your Customer Service Team Learns:

  • How to gain more positive word of mouth.
  • How to make sure even the difficult customer is saying great things about your service.
  • Multiple ways to get the customer service team onto solutions rather than problems.
  • Why a complaint can become an opportunity to build customer loyalty.
  • How to be a better listener and why it is essential to improve this skill.
  • Understanding the human needs that are met by complaining and how to use that info.
  • Understanding body language and the volumes spoken non verbally.
  • Numerous interactive exercises that prepare your team for Award-Winning Service.

Learn to deliver the best customer service in Hawaii

All Customer Service Seminars Are Customized To You and Those you Serve

Whether you need a customer service program delivered at one of the hotels or casinos on the strip or on-site at your location, we can accommodate your needs.

Increase business efficiency & productivity with an in-depth analysis of your business

Here at training for success, we do not deliver carbon copies of the same programs to every business. Instead, we cater our workshops to fit the specific needs of your sales team. Call us at (877) 278-4170 for a free consultation of your sales process, an analysis of what you’ve done in the past, your current situation, and how to work towards a more profitable future.