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Sales Training Hawaii
  • Role playing exercises reinforce the material and shape each sales training technique to fit your representatives’ individual selling styles
  • One-on-one sales training consultations tailor the AAA Training For Success sales and motivational techniques to every salesperson’s own selling situation
  • Limited class size to ensure individual attention
  • Real world sales training techniques for the Hawaii sales training marketplace
  • Sales Training Techniques Guaranteed to Close Sales

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Check Out Our Online Sales Training Sample Course Outlines Below:

1. The Art of the Sales Call
2. The Art of Leading the Prospect to Buy
3. The Art of Building People Skills / Honing the Presentation

Custom Sales Training Programs & Sample Outlines:
Honolulu Sales Training Boot Camp:

Sales Training Hawaii

Day One Of Intensive Seminar:
The Art Of The Sales Call

This program provides your sales representatives with proven sales techniques that will allow them to quickly control the sales call.
Sales representatives will learn:

  • Friendly rapport-building techniques to create long term sales relationships
  • 11 ways to gain your prospect’s attention in seconds and make a good first impression
  • Four sets of questions that develop trust and uncover your prospect’s needs
  • The single essential technique to handle any objection
  • Eight steps to reveal the hidden reasons that keep a prospect from buying
  • Four-part technique to highlight the benefits of your product over those of the competition
  • 10 different closes for powerful results

Through role-playing and training exercises all of these techniques become second nature.

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Day Two Of Comprehensive Seminar: The Art Of Leading The Prospect To Buy

This sales seminar provides your sales people with all the skills and techniques necessary to increase their sales, close more efficiently and exceed their quotas, no matter what their levels of expertise.
This builds on all the benefits and sales training techniques from first day of seminar.
Sales representatives will also learn:

  • Eight ways to prove product value and quality
  • Four steps to sell product benefits rather than features
  • 21 ways to make your presentation unique and memorable
  • Three techniques that will make sales reps better listeners
  • Three-point system to increase the number of cold calls your representatives make by at least 20%
  • Seven ways to handle the most common objections
  • Goal setting and visualization exercises increase motivation and have reps reach 100% of their potential

Day 3: Honolulu Sales Training Boot Camp The Art Of Building People Skills / Honing The Presentation

Develop a presentation that incorporates each of the sales techniques learned

Custom-tailored sales programs for your company

As always, each sales program is tailored to your company, your industry and your team. In addition, each sales program incorporates the sales skills and tools utilized by your top achievers. Programs can be delivered at a location of your choosing or at our Hawaii Training Center.
Most importantly, we look forward to helping you attain all your goals and objectives.
All the best,
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Increase business efficiency & productivity with an in-depth analysis of your business

Here at training for success, we do not deliver carbon copies of the same programs to every business. Instead, we cater our workshops to fit the specific needs of your sales team. Call us at (877) 278-4170 for a free consultation of your sales process, an analysis of what you’ve done in the past, your current situation, and how to work towards a more profitable future.